Andie keeps your restaurants open and operational during these times

The same dining experience but safer for everyone.

Run your restaurant or bar
safely with Andie.

Andie is a platform that provides the key tools you need to safely run your restaurant right now.

Andie helps your customers dine safely
Mobile Restaurant

From ordering to advertising, turn the Andie app into your mobile restaurant and instantly interact with customers.

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Andie helps your customers dine safely
Wait times & lineups

Help customer wait less and avoid lineups when they come into your restaurant or bar.

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Andie helps your customers dine safely
Health & safety

From utensils to staff safety protocols, see how customers feel about your safety practices.

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Andie helps your customers dine safely
Traffic Data

Get access to valuable data that you can use to run your business successfully in today's environment.

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During these difficult
times, our goal is to keep open.

Introducing Guestpass

GuestPass is an automated, and touchless contact-tracing system for restaurants and bar like yours.

Touchless guestlists

Safely record who is coming in and out of your business without having people touch the same pen and paper.

Instant notifications

Past visitors can notify you anytime they test positive by tapping a button, and you can notify visitors of any tests with the tap of a button too.

Learn about GuestPass
Andie allows you to keep your clientelle safe in your restaurants and bars
Andie allows you to do succesful curbside orders

Meet Your
mobile app

  • Allow customers to pre-order from your
    menu and do curbside pickups.
  • Offer completely flexible pickup times.
  • Keep the transaction fees.
    (We understand times are tough!)
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Host patrons safely
and smoothly

Our industry-leading free tools cna help you deliver a different experience.

Andie wait time manager helps manage wait times at your store so you can keep customers happy.

Wait time manager

Tell customers when they will be served. Let them spend their wait time on other things.

The Andie app is tracking health and safety measures alongside wait time information

Dining Defender

Share your safety practices with customers, and use their feedback to improve your health measures.

Andie tools start as low as


per day

How you can use Andie

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