Make bringing customers in
simple and safer.

Andie gives you the tools to keep serving your customers right now.

Andie helps you bring customers in with ease

Your business thrives on
in-person interactions.
Andie helps make seeing
your clients safe and possible again.

GuestPass from Andie helps you collect information from guests safely

Safely collect contact information

Andie wait time manages your guestlist so that you don't have to

Do contact tracing quickly

Tell customers the current wait time with Andie

Tell customers the current wait time

Andie helps you prevent crowding

Prevent crowding in waiting areas

Andie tells you how clients feel about your safety measures

Get safety feedback from customers

Andie tracks foot traffic for who is coming into your business

Track business performance and traffic

Introducing Guestpass

GuestPass is an automated, and touchless contact-tracing system for businesses that bring customers into their locations.

Pen and paper is unsafe and inconvenient to you and your customers. Get their relevant information with just the tap of a button on their mobile phones.

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If anything goes wrong, notify people immediately with one button instead of dialing every contact. GuestPass also lets guests notify you immediately if they test positive.

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No more incomplete contact tracing or missed phone calls. GuestPass' notification system tracks and ensures your guests get the message always.

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The andie guestpass is the first touchless checkin system for businesses

Wait time Manager

Manager and deliver real wait times to clients using the no.1 wait time app in North America.

Avoid upsetting "walk-ins"

Let customers see current capacity and know beforehand if they can walk-in or not.

Create a safer experience

Limit the possibility of long lineups, crowded wait areas, and frustrated long waits.

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Allow customers to pre-order products from your business and do plan safe in-store or curbside pickups.

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Guest and customer feedback about how safe they feel in your establishment during the covid-19 pandemic.

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These are unprecedented times with unique business challenges. Our promise we will continue to provide tools to help keep your business open and running as smoothly as possible.

Andie is built for every service business regardless of what you do.

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You can use Andie to support and operate any business.

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