Simple, touchless, secure contact tracing.

Pen and paper just isn't cutting it. GuestPass is developed to make business owners' lives easier.

The andie guestpass is the first touchless checkin system for businesses

easily check-in guests

monitor store traffic

instant alerts

How does it work?

Post your QR code.

Print out your personalized QR code and post at the entrance of your location.

Guests scan QR code

Any visitor can scan your QR code to check-in or receive a Guest Pass for their group.

Visitor guest list

The vistor’s name and date of visit are safely and securely added to your cloud-based guest list.

Instant alerts

If a guest that was present around the same time later tests positive for COVID-19, they notify their Andie app.

Andie reacts for you.

Andie cuts your contact tracing to two minutes.

Whenever a past guest tests positive, Andie will send
a notification to your business' email immediately, and an
automatic alert is sent to all other visitors who were
present on that same day.

Check-in guests easily

Having your staff write each guests' information is time consuming and frustrating to staff.

Quick tracing

GuestPass provides quick contact tracing instead of having your staff call each guest by phone.

Contactless and safe

Guests and staff do not have to touch the same pen and paper.

Accurate information

No more incomplete contact tracing. Get accurate information from each guest.


GuestPass is more secure than pen and paper. Other guests cannot see a guest's information.

No more stacks of paper

Make storing guest records one less thing you have to worry about.

Get GuestPass for as low as

$1.50 / day

During these difficult times, our goal is simple - help you stay open.

As you attempt to re-open and stay open during this time, we understand that as business owners, you need to keep your customers and community safe in addition to the usual responsibilities of keeping your business running.

Built for your business.

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places and businesses.

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