We have to protect our
communities together.

Introducing Defender, a community health safety tracking system
to help keep each other safe during these times.

Defender tracks safety
measures everywhere.

Defender assigns safety
ratings to inform visitors.

Protecting patrons and visitors to your business
is a big requirement for making sure you can re-open and stay open.

This task requires as many willing hands - you, us, and your customers.

Playing your part in protecting our communities.

Andie businesses are keeping people safe by tracking and reporting safety measures
Business updates

Regularly update your latest safety practices on your Andie store account. Andie will alert loyal customers about new health measures, and show the updates when future visitors search for you on Andie.

Andie businesses are keeping people safe by tracking and reporting safety measures
Guest feedback

Every guest to your business can rate your health safety measures using Andie. Their feedback is displayed to future guests, and you can use their feedback to improve or validate your measures.

Using Defender

Defender is a free feature available on the Andie business platform, and in the Andie mobile app.

Safety Rating

Increase your safety rating by implementing new health safety measures or getting high marks from visitors.

Feedback Manager

Address concerns, respond to positive feedbacks, and track current feedback trends..

Safety Preview

Allow potential patrons to see pictures and short video clips of your safety practices.

Neighbourhood Watch

Get information from Andie about what other businesses in your area are doing.

Our Commitment

We understand that a collective community effort is required in combatting cvoid-19. We are committed to playing our part in the fight.

Monitoring reports

We are publishing quarterly reports on reopening strategies, customer sentiments, and waittime issues.


We are committed to building new products and updating existing Andie products to help your business run smoothly.

Re-open and stay open with Andie.

The Andie platform offers simple tools to re-open and safely operate your business.

Andie allows you to keep people safe with GuestPass.


Business contact tracing in 10 minutes or less.

Andie is the no.1 waittime app in North America.


No.1 waittime service in North America.

Andie allows you to operate seemless curbside delivery.


Organize contactless order pickups.

Andie helps defend the community together


Health safety rating for anywhere people go.

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