Inventory management is available as part of the Andie curbside program.


We will continue to make simple, and
power tools to help with tasks like inventory
management during these trying times.

Andie gives you an inventory platform that is
quick to setup, and easy to use.

Simple setup

Setting up your inventory on
Andie takes a few minutes
- zero headaches involved.

Instant updates

Your inventory updates itself as
orders happen so you can spend
your time on other things.

Andie is helping people succeed in this environment by providing reliable inventory tracking

Make the right moves, at the right time.

Andie is the inventory platform that gives you key data and information to make the correct business decisions right now.

Restock accurately

See how fast items are being ordered.

Inventory management

Know who is buying what, and what to stock.

Andie makes sure your selling and not spending time counting inventory

Don't get stressed by mundane tasks

Andie uses AI to take care of tasks that are important but stressful and time consuming.

Time management

Don't waste time updating your inventory at the end of each day, or individually adding items that your supplier just delivered.

Inventory backtracking

Cancelled order? No problem. Andie monitors transactions and updates inventory as they happen, or not happen.

Manual Updates

Walk-ins? Damaged goods? Expired stock? With Andie, you can update your inventory manually wheneve you need to do so.


No more spreadsheets or stacks of paper. Securely and safely store your inventory information in the cloud.

Regular Alerts

Andie provides regular alerts for inventory changes - especially when your inventory is close to running out.


Andie studies trends in your inventory and tells you the items you need to restock quickly or not.

Plug in curbside

Inventory management is plugged into Andie Curbside. Start selling online in less than 10 minutes.

Join thousands of businesses on Andie.

Start managing your inventory with Andie now.

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