Guest records
are powered by GuestPass.

Get the information you need to
understand your business.

Business health

Know if you are bringing in enough people.

Market Research

Understand your customers better with key customer data.

Mobile Marketing

Keep in touch and share latest promotions with old visitors.

and key information to run
your business in today's environment.

Contact Tracing

If something goes wrong, know who needs to be contacted.

Generating store traffic

Know who to reach out to as you reopen or add new products.

Business Operations

Use your traffic data to smartly plan activities like staffing.

It's easy - check in, browse, analyze.

Setting up Andie for guest records is easy

Check-in customers

Check in customers at the door each time they visit you.

Setting up Andie for guest records is easy

Browse your data

Checkout your guest records on the Andie dashboard.

Setting up Andie for guest records is easy

Analyze! Analyze! Analyze!

Analyze the data, or read Andie's automated summaries.

Go with GuestPass.

Andie gives you an intutive way to track and manage guest records.

Andie is helping you do safe and efficient contact tracing

Paperless & secure
information gathering

Avoid having guests touch the same pen and paper, and prevent unauthorized access to guest information.

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Andie is helping you do safe and efficient contact tracing

Quick & efficient
contact tracing

Do 99.99% efficient contact tracing using Andie automated tracing system, or by manually tapping a button.

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The Andie guestlist helps you stay in touch with guests after their visits

Stay in touch with
customers and visitors

Let guests and visitors instantly notify you when they experience symptoms.

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Accurate Information

No more fake emails or phone numbers. Each information is verified for accuracy.


Security is engineered into Andie products. We follow the best practices that keep data safe.


Use Andie's advanced AI to uncover techniques you can use to improve your business' traffic.


No more storing stacks of paper. Make storing guest records one less thing you have to worry about.

Join thousands of businesses on Andie.

Start managing guest records and other business tasks with Andie now.

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