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Keep your customers happy.
Inform them about the latest wait time,
lineups, and capacity in real-time.

The Andie wait time app lets you get the latest wait times on your phone

The Andie app provides users with the latest wait time from anywhere - in real-time.

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As our societies navigate lockdowns and re-openings, minimizing service delays, and eliminating crowded wait areas is a priority for you and us.

Trust the leading wait time app

Andie is the leading mobile app people rely on for
wait times in Canada and the United States.

Let your customers control their time

Tell customers when they will be served. Let them spend their wait time on other things.

Help customers avoid crowded areas

Lineups and crowded waiting areas are the type of places customers need to avoid.

Andie delivers wait time from your business to users

Minimize customer frustrations

Give customers an accurate estimate of when they will be served. Reduce their stress.

In good company

During the pandemic, Andie is delivering wait times for over 2 million
places including major stores and places.

Andie wait times are estimated
using our proprietary AI technology.

Andie allows you to manage your business' wait time in 3 simple steps.

Setup your Andie store account.

Andie's AI instantly gives you 'manager access' to your business' wait times.

Log onto the dashboard.

Your store's latest wait time estimates can be viewed on your Andie dashboard.

Add your estimates.

From the dashboard, you can manually add wait times that will be displayed alongside Andie's estimates on the app.

Choosing the right
wait time service

Andie allows you to deliver accurate wait time to customers

Real-time information

Andie is the only wait time app that delivers information in real-time. Users get the latest information exactly when they need it.

99% accuracy guaranteed

Andie has a reported error rate of less than 1%. Users get accurate information when they view a location's wait time on Andie.

Andie wait time keeps your customers and patrons happy

Do it for your

Minimize wait frustrations. With Andie, you can make sure wait times is one less thing customers worry about.

Waiting is stressful, and in today's environment, customers are more frustrated when they are made to wait. it could be unsafe. Let customers know when to come in.

Join 2.1 million places on Andie.

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