Curbside Pickup & delivery

Flexible and safe
order pickups.

Make ordering flexible and safe

Let customers choose a convenient time for their orders. Keep them away from crowds.
Save the time you spend on the phone taking orders.


Your customer tells you what they want, pick when and how they want to pick up their order.

Health Safety

Curbside pickups and parking lot deliveries help you keep in-store headcount low.

Time Management

Reduce the time customers spend in lines outside your store, and the time you spend on taking phone orders.

Taking your business online should be one less
thing to worry about.

Especially right now.

We understand that running a business right now could be stressful.
That is why we make it easy to start receiving orders online, managing orders,
and keeping your doors open.

Andie helps you manage all your orders in one screen

Never miss

Your orders and pickups are organized into one screen. See what is being picked up today, tomorrow, or next week.

That makes it quick to get up and running each day.

Andie gives you the opportunity to accpet, reject, and edit, orders.

Manage orders
with ease.

Can't fulfill an order? Need to reduce the quantity order? Andie allows you to easily accept, modify, or cancel orders.

That makes it easy to manage customer expectations.

Andie lets you interact direction with your customers.

Communicate with

You can also interact back-and-forth with customers to confirm each order, or agree on pickup instructions.

That makes each order process stress-free.

Built to be there
when you need it.

Curbit is built to help you in today's environment.

Easy setup

Upload your entire inventory in just minutes. Get to selling right away.

Reliable capacity

Handle any order volume you want. Process as many orders as you can daily.

24-hour Support

Tested for performance and well supported. It won’t let you down. And neither will we.

Packed with everything you need

Curbit has everything you need to run your business right now.

Andie allows you to do instant inventory updates without doing anything.

Inventory management

Your inventory automatically updates itself. And you can update it as well.

Andie lets you do mobile ordering with ease.

Mobile ordering

The Andie app is your business' mobile app. Instantly take mobile orders.

Andie allows you to access the curbit service from anywhere.

Universal login

Login in from the web, on mobile, or through a tablet.

Multi-user access

We don't charge you for the number of people login into your store account.

Andie keeps all your curbit data secure

Secure data

We use the latest security practices to protect your business information.

The Andie app features over 2.1 million
places and businesses.

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